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Why Move to Thailand?

I’ve spent so much time writing about the good and bad things that go on in Thailand – and I’ve never tried to answer the question –


There are many good reasons. I’ll list them in bullet-point format below…

Moving to Thailand may be a good idea if:

  1. You are sick of living in a country with too many rules, and over-eager enforcement of those rules.
  2. You love Thai food. Or, you can move to a big city in Thailand where you could eat all sorts of foreign food as well as Thai dishes.
  3. You have no family and you’re lonely. Not that you won’t be lonely in Thailand too – but, damn, there are worse places to be lonely than Thailand!
  4. You love driving as fast as you want. You’ll still live with the consequences of cutting someone in half with your Porsche – like a young Thai man recently did, but, you won’t be in jail for 20 years over it either. Couple months tops!
  5. You’re on a limited budget. You CAN live here on as little as 10,000 THB per month ($300 USD). I wouldn’t recommend trying, but it’s possible. Nearly anyone on social security makes more than this amount. You CAN make it living in Thailand on that amount for many months – possibly forever if you have good health and absolutely no vices.
  6. You are butt ugly – but you always wanted a family.
  7. You are an alcoholic. You’ll enjoy Thailand more as an alcoholic, because you have a lot of company. There are also several outstanding aversive therapy programs to help you quit – at Buddhist temples. See PaulGarrigan.com for info.
  8. Girls don’t dance panty-less on the bars at your favorite pub at home.
  9. A plate of rice with a topping costs just over a dollar USD. A beer in a restaurant about $1.40. A beer in a bar where girls are dancing on the stage – about $3. A beer in your home that you bought at Makro? About $1.50.
  10. You have no need for 3G, or 4G.
  11. You want to ignore what people around you are saying. I’ve done this now for over half a dozen years, it’s a soothing experience for the soul… just not caring what is going on around you. Try to do that in your home country – impossible.
  12. You have a gazillion dollars in the bank and can either start a business or apply to be a permanent resident of Thailand – like 98% of us cannot.
  13. You are not comfortable driving your motorcycle in your home country. Half the country is on them here, and overall there are many less accidents here than most countries (no facts – just guessing from what I’ve seen).
  14. You want to meet people that are further down on their luck than you are.
  15. You want people to look at you with curiosity, not with disgust.
  16. You can’t possibly think what other tattoo is right for you… move to Thailand and choose from a new style – the Sak Yant tattoos.
  17. You want to smoke banana leaves.
  18. You are gay. There’s a greater acceptance here – at least among the locals.
  19. You want a house in each major area – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Isaan, and the south – Phuket maybe? Homes are $50,000 to $125,000 on average for decent starter homes. You could buy eight homes in Thailand, or one in California.
  20. Thailand is a great base to travel to other southeast Asian nations from. Bangkok has flights to everywhere. Except Hawaii, it seems.
  21. You enjoy not knowing what day it is.
  22. You enjoy reading about, and sometimes seeing in person – the outrageous things expats from around the world do in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Patong Beach.
  23. You don’t know where else to move. Try it for a year and see what happens. I did – and been here 10+ years.